Interior Real Estate Photography

Interior Real Estate Photography requires a special talent. Trying to make photographs that will prompt the viewer to want to take a further look at the home, you have to be able to display the various rooms in a special way. You need to promote the space, not the furnishings.

The first rule of interior real estate photography is to make sure the vertical lines in your photograph are vertical. If they look something like this:

Non-vertical lines in a real estate photograph

It is time to fix them, either by getting the image correct while taking it or by utilizing photographic software to correct the problem:

Vertical lines fixed in the interior real estate photograph

Moving on, we try to make sure all of the pictures exhibit the best features of the interior of the home.

Sometimes the view is what we want, but the lighting leaves a lot to be desired. So positioning some speedlights in appropriate places in adjacent rooms:

And lighting the areas you wish to highlight:


And then compositing the images in updated photographic software will produce the image you were looking for:

Here is the before and after lighting and blending example:

Before and After Lighting

For more examples of images we have produced, please see our Interior Real Estate Photography portfolio.


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