Exterior Real Estate Photography

In Real Estate Photography, the most important picture is most likely going to be the exterior shot as it will be the first image trying to capture potential buyer interest on any web based site. Our initial chore is going to be enticing the viewer to click through to see the rest of the images and overview of the property for sale. Allowing a poorly lit or substandard view of the exterior will allow the surfer to just click on to the next, leaving your marvelous listing sitting in the dust.

We must also be cognizant of the fact that these first images the surfer observes are generally thumb nails of the gorgeous large image we initially submit to the MLS. They will have to be impressed with this:

thumbnail image of the home for sale




When we really want them to see this:

Therefore, planning ahead in order to have a suitable image for sharpness, clarity, color saturation, and exposure are all basics that must be in the photographers planning.

There are some times of the day (or year) that it is just not a good time to be taking pictures:

Planning ahead with the use of various online applications will allow us to be at the home when the sun is at its optimal position. You really want to make this exterior photograph one that will pop in order to attract the potential buyer to the property.

Examples of Exterior Real Estate Photography that we have produced can be seen here.

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