Bruce Busch, Photographer

Bruce Busch

I have been taking real estate photos for about 25 years. It started as an adjunct of my real estate business as I was a Sales Representative with a large regional family owned real estate company, beginning in 1994.

About 2010, I became an office manager for my firm and began noticing that the quality of images being supplied by the other agents for advertising left a lot to be desired. So I started taking pictures myself for some of them.

Word began to spread about the quality of my images and other agents in our company began calling and asking for assistance. So my business began to expand into other areas of our region and then to other companies as well.

Having been an agent and manager, I understand what agents and sellers are looking for in quality and perspective of their advertising material.

In 2016, I retired from the active real estate sales profession (I kept my license as a referral agent) and moved with my wife Bonnie to the Ocala, Florida vicinity. We have been pleasantly surprised at the number of real estate agents who have been impressed sufficiently by my past work enough to ask me to supply them with photographs of their listings. And it is so nice not to have to battle the snow and cold in the process.

If you have a need for quality photographs for your real estate listings, please consider contacting me to discuss your needs.