$150 is my standard pricing for capturing the images of both the interior and exterior of your listings. Please ask for revised pricing if your property is larger than 3,000 square feet. There is also an upcharge if the location is more than 50 miles roundtrip from my location.

These images will then be post-processed to enhance their quality and viewability. This includes adjusting the exposure, clarity, and sharpness. We make sure the vertical and horizontal lines are properly aligned. In some cases the post-processing will include merging images to be able to light adjacent rooms so the viewer gets a better feel of the flow of the home.

You will receive 25-30 images as a general rule. They will be provided electronically over the internet. The images will also be included in a virtual tour format that will be responsive so that it can be viewed easily on mobile devices. Click here for sample virtual tours. The tours will be provided in both branded and unbranded versions.

I will in most cases attempt to provide you images of surrounding amenities, since you are selling not only the home but also the lifestyle.

These images are licensed to you for your use in not only selling the current listing, but also for you to use in your listing presentation to obtain the next listing. Being able to show potential sellers the quality of the photographs you intend to use to advertise their property can be extremely advantageous to your successfully signing up future listings.