Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful!!

There are just some days you wish you didn’t have to take that image. You know the one, where the weather is really cloudy and ominous, almost raining. But the listing is signed and you need to get it online pronto.

This is where some detailed knowledge of Photoshop becomes all important to the finished product. Here is the original picture taken that day:

Cloudy day picture

Cloudy day picture

By selecting the sky including all the clouds and refining the edges between what you want to keep and what you want to replace, you can then make a mask and fill in the area with some pleasing clouds and blue sky:

Sky replacement picture

Sky replacement picture

Then working with brightness and contrast, making the grass look like it is being lit by a partly cloudy day, you make the result look that much more like it was really taken on a pleasant summer day. Adding a bit of saturation and clarity to the image should make it stand out as a thumbnail when listings are being surfed by potential home buyers.

And your seller is really pleased that you were able to start advertising their home.

Compare the two images:

Bad Weather PhotoComparison of the two images

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