Sell The Lifestyle, Not Just The House

Many times real estate sales agents tend to focus on the house, when buyers are really interested in the lifestyle they will be living once they have purchased the home. Posting photographs of things they can expect in their surroundings is an important facet of the marketing of the home

 Lifestyle - Patio

View from Deck Lifestyle - Patio

Can they envision themselves living in the home and spending time in the back yard?

Are there amenities provided by the home owners association (if there is one)?

 Shuffleboard - Top of The World - Ocala Florida

 Horseshoes - Spruce Creek Preserve - Ocala, FLorida Tennis Courts - Spruce Creek Preserve - Ocala, FLorida

 Library - Spruce Creek Preserve - Ocala, FLorida

Does the association provide the pool?


Swimming Pool - Spruce Creek Preserve - Ocala, FLorida

What does the entrance to the development look like?


Is it a secure entrance?


What is the view like from the property?



Does the property have its own putting green?

Outdoor amenities, like patios….


Special features, like horse barns….

Nearby attractions, like lakes and town squares….

Lake Sumter - The Villages, Florida Lake Sumter Square - The Villages, Florida

Therefore, we attempt as much as possible to include such photos in our Real Estate Photography packages for real estate agents in the Ocala, Florida region where we operate. We are finding the Florida lifestyle to be far different from our previous experiences in the state of New Jersey.

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